12 ideas for how to wear a high-waisted dress

12 ideas for how to wear a high-waisted dress

Men agree on one thing, that the ideal figure of a woman is a wasp waist and expressive hips. Of course, tastes may differ. Not all girls can boast of ideal parameters, but this is not necessary. If you have a dress with a high waist in your wardrobe, then it will allow you to discourage any man with its appearance. In this article, we will tell you how you can wear high-waisted dresses to always look seductive and stylish.

Style features

The main feature of the style is a raised waist, which allows you to emphasize the cleavage of the fashionista. If you choose a not very long style of dress with a high waist, then you can get an additional effect – the figure will look much slimmer. The legs of the fashionista will seem much longer, and this applies not only to thin girls, but also to plump ladies. When choosing a dress in a trapeze model, you can hide a tummy that is too prominent and voluminous hips.

If you think that your figure is not perfect, then a dress with a high waist must be in the wardrobe. Thanks to the different styles, this dress can be chosen for the office, informal meetings, dates and holidays.

High-waisted Sheath Dress

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A dress with a high waist in a classic style is called a case. This style is suitable for business fashionistas. The dress fits the figure, so it can only be chosen by women with a perfect figure. Shoes for the model are selected on the heel, and accessories in a concise design.

High-waisted dress with a flared skirt

The most common style of dress with a high waist is the presence of a flared skirt. The model is considered universal, as it fits any figure of a lady. It can be a dress made of light fabric, it is perfect for summer days. If the dress is decorated, then you can choose it for special events. Shoes and accessories are selected depending on the planned event.

High-waisted Boho dress

Fashionistas love loose dresses with a high waist in the boho style. The product looks very airy, light, so it turns out a very gentle image. But despite this, the style still emphasizes the figure favorably. The outfit should be supplemented with accessories, you can choose wicker bags, hats, round-rimmed glasses and comfortable shoes.

Baby Doll Dress

In the middle of the last century, ladies very much loved the original dresses in the style of baby doll. And since our fashion has a cyclical nature, this model has become relevant again. A dress in this style will allow you to create a very feminine image that is not like the others. At the same time, the style will hide all the shortcomings of the figure. The only thing, stylists recommend choosing a model only for women who have slender legs predominate.

High-waisted dress + shoes

A high-waisted dress can be attributed to a style that allows you to experiment with shoes. If you have chosen a sophisticated model in the maxi length, then it is best to choose stilettos for the dress. For mini outfits, choose low-running shoes, wicker models, and for a cooler season, you can wear high-top boots. Also, the ladies create very original images, combining delicate dresses with rough shoes on the sole.

High-waisted dress + Outerwear

In the case of choosing a dress with a high waist, outerwear is selected depending on the season. When creating an informal image in the summer or spring warm days, you can choose a denim jacket or a denim vest. A cardigan and a leather jacket can also complement the look with a feminine dress. At the beginning of spring, ladies wear a classic coat together with the dress model.

High-waisted dress + accessories

Accessories are also selected depending on the model of the dress with a high waist. For a business look, you should choose discreet jewelry and a classic handbag. If you want to add a touch of romance to the image, then a cute clutch and openwork earrings will perfectly complement the outfit.

A high-waisted dress is the choice of fashionistas who can not boast of the perfect forms of their figure. Due to the style, you can emphasize the cleavage even with an expressionless bust, make your legs longer and slimmer, and eventually create an image that will fall in love with any man.

Do you wear high-waisted dresses? We look forward to your comments!

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