13 Examples of Hair Color for 2022

13 Examples of Hair Color for 2022

You can stay on trend and refresh your image with the help of fashionable coloring. Stylists working with hair noted the actual hair colors for the coming year, which we will consider later in the article.

For blondes

Coloring in blonde is a popular trend that girls love so much. Stylists offer a huge selection of types of toning and highlighting, among which you can choose the perfect blonde. The most popular shades of blonde for the new season:

  • platinum – a timeless classic for blue-eyed blondes of the Nordic type;
13 Examples of Hair Color for 2022
13 Examples of Hair Color for 2022

ash – going into a matte gray undertone, the shade looks very stylish and impressive;

13 Examples of Hair Color for 2022

strawberry blonde is a fresh trend that really suits girls with a warm color type;

13 Examples of Hair Color for 2022

cream – a delicate nude shade for romantic young ladies, with proper coloring it will look like a natural burnout of blonde hair;

13 Examples of Hair Color for 2022

pearl — can be tinted with a warm undertone and add glitter and mother of pearl for a more spectacular look.

Also in the trend will be the highlighting and toning techniques popular with blondes: balayage, air-touch, California highlighting.

For brunettes and brown-haired women

At the peak of popularity, as well as this year, and in the future there will be chocolate, nut and coffee shades.

Deep, rich shades of brown incredibly refresh the image, so they are often chosen by older women.

The effect of burnt strands

Dark coloring is absolutely on trend. At the same time, ladies are very happy to experiment with various techniques, especially they highlight the model of shatush, ombre and others, which allow you to achieve the effect of burnt strands. The naturalness of the technique guarantees a fresher and younger appearance.

Cold dark shade

Highlights of cold shades look very nice on dark curls. It is quite difficult to create such an effect, but thanks to the versatility of the technique, an option for ladies with any color type is suitable. It is noteworthy that a cold ebb can be done even on black hair.

Hair color for redheads

Fiery beauties are back on trend. A pleasant red shade will be able to emphasize the individuality of each lady, make her even more vivid and interesting. It is noted that with red hair, all modern coloring techniques look great.

Natural light red tone

If you are afraid that a red shade will highlight skin imperfections too much, then we advise you to choose a light tone. It can also be combined with the balayage, shatush or ombre technique, so that some strands are lighter than the main hair.

Dark red tone

A darker red tone is also in special esteem. It is more suitable for natural brown-haired women and brunettes who have decided to become fiery beauties. Absolutely uniform shade, as well as coloring look very impressive and stylish.

These rich, shiny and deep shades will emphasize the natural beauty and zest of the owners of red hair.

Check out the photo selection of fashionable coloring to determine the shade of hair in the new season. Various toning techniques will be able to enliven the appearance and give it more expressiveness. The master in the salon should individually approach the issue of coloring and choose the most appropriate shade.

What is your hair color? Write in the comments what shades you prefer.

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