14 fashionable and stylish ideas in autumn in powdery color

14 fashionable and stylish ideas in autumn in powdery color

Powdery color is the tenderness and romance of each image. Women create the most memorable ensembles with a powder palette for any event, including for the office, a date and a regular meeting with friends. In the article we will show powdery images that can be easily worn in the autumn period.

14 fashionable and stylish ideas in autumn in powdery color

Trousers in powder color

Trousers in the color of powder look quite harmonious in office images for autumn. But it is best to assemble everyday light ensembles for a walk with them. Complement powdery trousers with a checkered jacket in color and put on cute shoes with a small heel to get the most delicate image of a real goddess.

Jumper in powder color

A jumper in powdery color looks very soft and affectionate product. Be sure to add this product to your everyday wardrobe, as the jumper looks best together with comfortable jeans.

Coat in powder color

Unlike its counterparts in white and gray, a powder coat looks much more spectacular. Some consider this color too girlish, so mature ladies avoid it. If a woman after 50 years decides on a coat in powder color, then she will give herself a new youth, and young ladies in this outerwear will allow themselves to become the most attractive fashionista.

Suit in powder color

Suits in powdery color always highlight the stylish taste of a woman. Suits with a skirt or trousers, in a stylish print or a classic monochrome give a woman the opportunity to refresh her image, add a touch of uniqueness and irresistibility to it.

Total onion in powdery color

An elegant fashionista who decides to stand out among the same type of street images will definitely choose a powdery color for her monochrome or total bow. A variety of fur coats, suits, dresses and even shoes in this pleasant color are combined for an irresistible autumn image of a bold lady.

Dress in powder color

In this world, they have not yet come up with a more delicate and feminine thing than a dress in powder color. Look how elegant and beautiful it looks on lovely ladies. This dress will be useful to you not only on a date, but also at an official evening.

Skirt in powder color

Underwear-style skirts have become mega-popular with women. If you choose such a skirt, then you definitely bet on a powdery color. The fabric and shade seem to be created for each other, or rather, they harmoniously merged together so that the woman looks 100% stylish and attractive. In autumn, such skirts can be worn with high boots, elegant pumps, and rough boots are suitable for a bold image.

The powdery color is flawless in its appearance. Any autumn images in this pleasant shade distinguish the fashionista from all the others, making her image the most perfect and cute.

Do you like the powdery color? Do you wear it in the fall? Tell us about it in the comments!

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