15 beautiful square manicure ideas for spring 2021

15 beautiful square manicure ideas for spring 2021

A new, bright manicure for spring is a great occasion for a stylish transformation. We have collected in one collection the fashion trends of square manicure, which will be relevant for the spring of 2021.

Soft nude with stripes

One of the most popular nail design trends for spring 2021 is a combination of translucent or transparent coating, nude palette and geometric patterns (dots, stripes). This manicure looks both gentle and stylish, and is perfectly combined with the square shape of the nails.

French for square nails

Another popular classic version of the spring manicure for square nails is the French manicure. If you want stylish experiments, then replace the usual French jacket with the following options:

  • french jacket with colored tips;
  • contrasting French manicure (red, black, purple shades);
  • moon manicure;
  • french jacket with rhinestones and stones;
  • shimmering coating.

This jacket looks bright and relevant for the spring transformation.

Prints and drawings

If you have chosen a manicure with prints, then the nail designer can offer you the following trendy options:

  • floral themes (petals, buds and other floral motifs) are always in demand;
  • lettering and logos — a stylish and minimalistic option;
  • animal prints (imitating the color of leopards, tigers, etc.) look extravagant and bold.

The master can draw a drawing with his own hand with a thin brush, or use ready-made stickers-sliders.

Square manicure with rhinestones

A popular variant of a square manicure is a decor with rhinestones, stones and other imitation jewelry. Shining manicure looks incredibly festive and romantic, and adorns the delicate female hands.

Our photo collection will help you find your perfect square manicure.

Do you like this nail shape? Describe your favorite design in the comments.

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