26 Examples of underwear you need to know about

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about

Underwear creates favorable hygienic conditions and covers certain areas. This is a great way to feel beautiful and desirable, to increase self-esteem. With its help, you can make others admire your figure and drive men crazy.

Today there is a huge variety of types of lingerie. We will tell you about the names of underwear and its features. This will allow you not to get lost in a large assortment of stores and make the right choice.

The evolution of underwear

Studying the history of creating underwear, you can feel like a real lucky girl. After all, today fashion combines a combination of all styles. Underwear was first worn in ancient Egypt. Women wrapped themselves in rags to support their breasts and used a cloth between their legs instead of panties, which was attached to the belt. There was no aesthetics in this image. It appeared much later, along with the creation of corsets.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about
26 Examples of underwear you need to know about

They tightened the waist, but at the same time made the chest flat. There is no such problem now. Pantaloons have also been in fashion for a long time. Some women still wear them. They are appreciated for their convenience. At the moment there are a huge number of types, models and styles. Even the most capricious lady, regardless of age, will be able to find a suitable option.


depop Nelly London
depop Nelly London

They are needed to maintain the health and attractiveness of the breast. They have different functions:


A great option for high breasts. These are lace, knitted strips without straps. They look stylish. They are perfectly combined with evening dresses and open dresses.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about


The model is suitable for those who have naturally small breasts. Thanks to foam rubber or gel in cups, you can visually increase the size of the breast.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about


The neckline looks tempting. Cups do not completely cover the chest and effectively lift it.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about

Bralette without pits

It has increased wear comfort. Breasts look natural. The model is mainly bought by owners of curvy shapes and nursing mothers.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about

Nursing Bra

This is a frameless structure. The cups have fasteners that allow you to open your chest at any time to feed the baby without taking off your clothes.

Bra with a duplicate cup

This option gives a chic visual breast volume. Usually it is worn under fitted things to make the figure seem more attractive.

Bra with soft cups

It refers to everyday erotic underwear. Elasticity is not harmful to the body. The model is sewn from lace, sometimes guipure and cotton are used.

Sports bra

It supports the chest during sports. The chest is fixed in a stationary state, it will not restrict movement during physical exertion.


It looks like a top of short length, its base reaches about 15 cm. The model can be decorated with various decorative elements.


Women’s underpants not only cover intimate places, but also visually adjust certain areas to the desired parameters.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about
26 Examples of underwear you need to know about


These are closed-type panties with an overstated waist, wide side details. They are often sewn from translucent materials.


This is a classic in women’s underwear. She has an average fit. The model is sewn from different materials.

Corset panties

The main advantage is the tightening effect. The waist is overstated, the problem area of the abdomen is hidden. In some models, there is an additional adjustment of the hip area.


This is a prototype of shorts, but the panties are more open in the sides.


They look like short shorts, covering the buttocks and thighs. The landing can be either overstated, medium or low.


This is the most popular model among women. They cover the buttocks and are comfortable to wear. Gynecologists recommend wearing them.


Revealing panties. The front part resembles a triangle, and the back part resembles a narrow strip that runs between the buttocks. They are indispensable if a woman plans to wear tight-fitting clothes. Gynecologists do not recommend walking in them every day.


The front and back parts look like a rectangle. They are more comfortable than thongs, they look sexy.

Erotic underwear

It includes open models that do not look like everyday styles.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about
26 Examples of underwear you need to know about


Looks like a one-piece swimsuit. The clasp is located in the groin area. This is a great alternative to a top or turtleneck. It fits perfectly on the figure, so it is very popular among women of different ages.

Baby Doll

A short dress or chemise creates the image of an innocent doll. They are sewn from chiffon, satin, silk. The bodice supports the chest, the descending hem reaches the middle of the hips.


It refers to corrective erotic underwear. In the classic version, the corset is a bodice made of dense material on bones with vertical plates that tighten the waist and hips. Some models are just decorative.


This is a transparent mesh or lace, guipure jumpsuit. The literal translation from English means a kitty costume. He has a deep neckline in the neckline or bikini area. The advantage is elasticity. Catsuit is suitable for all types of figure.


A sexy robe that is worn under any underwear. The silhouette seems more proportional. The slightly opened female forms look tempting. Organza, lace, silk, velvet are used as materials.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about


A short dress that fits the body. Previously, it was worn under outerwear, now it is an outfit for home. Usually women wear a combination when they start getting ready for bed. The bodice emphasizes the beauty of the chest, the length of the combination covers the buttocks.

26 Examples of underwear you need to know about

When choosing underwear, it is necessary to be guided not only by a beautiful appearance, but also be sure to take into account the size. A woman should feel attractive and comfortable. In properly selected underwear, it is easy to seduce men and catch admiring glances.

Doctors advise changing underwear 2 times a day, which is why women go shopping so often.

And when was the last time you bought your underwear? Write about its advantages in the comments.

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