7 beautiful pixie bob haircut ideas for women over 40

7 beautiful pixie bob haircut ideas for women over 40

The pixie bob haircut has a truly incredible shape that attracts women from all over the world. Despite its short length, the pixie bob adds to the image of femininity and a special chic. If in the classic bob haircut the main emphasis is on elongated strands, then in the pixie bob a large role is played by a voluminous cap and a very short nape. In the material, we will show the haircut from all angles, but we will pay more attention to the bright and spectacular look of the haircut from behind.


Pixie bob haircut for brunettes 40-50 years old rear view

Chic brunettes will especially appreciate an elegant and daring haircut. The short length will simplify the process of creating styling, while the image will still be present femininity and tenderness. A dynamic and bright haircut is suitable for ladies 40-50 years old with any type of hair, the fine structure will literally come to life after a decorated haircut, and thick curls will become obedient and light.


Pixie bob is suitable not only for young and ambitious girls, but also the haircut is often chosen by ladies at a more mature age. Thanks to the original shape and natural dark shade, the lady will be able to throw off a few extra years.


Pixie bob haircut for blondes 40-50 years old


Blonde ladies often choose longer hair, than deprive themselves of many advantages of a short haircut. Stylists recommend ladies with light curls aged 40-50 years to choose a stunning pixie bob haircut, which will perfectly complement the image of a gentle and attractive blonde.


Pixie bob looks perfect in any form. You can leave the haircut without styling, thereby creating the image of an elegant natural beauty. But for solemn images, women 40-50 years old make the most spectacular voluminous hairstyle, which adds a special zest to luxury.

Pixie bob is one of the most spectacular haircuts to date. The hairstyle was loved for its bright appearance and easy styling, as well as for its practicality and versatility. Due to the large number of advantages, women of different ages choose a haircut, thereby allowing themselves to become the most luxurious fashionista.

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