8 Examples to make the figure visually taller

8 Examples to make the figure visually taller

Long legs are the dream of many women, however, not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy privileged growth and an ideal figure. This does not mean that the image of the model is not available to anyone — thanks to stylists, any woman can choose exactly the clothes that will make her legs long and her silhouette refined.

In our article today, we have collected for you the most fashionable trends in the field of fashion that will visually lengthen your silhouette. Keep reading our below so you don’t miss anything!

1. Vertical striped clothing

8 Examples to make the figure visually taller

Vertical stripes visually lengthen the figure. Horizontal stripes, on the contrary, shorten, and give a few kilograms.

2. Flared jeans

8 Examples to make the figure visually taller

Not all flared jeans look good. To make the legs look visually longer, the trousers should be long enough to cover the heel of the shoe. It is best to choose jeans with a high waist.

3. Skirt above the knee

A skirt above the knee and even a small heel will visually make you taller. However, this option is only suitable for slender women over 1.60 m tall. Otherwise, the effect will be the opposite: the legs will seem shorter, and the figure of the wrong silhouette.

4. Transparent shoes

Both neutral and completely transparent shoes can visually lengthen your legs. Summer models are especially good for this-open shoes and sandals. If you don’t like translucent shoes, you can choose classic shoes with such an unusual and stylish element as a transparent heel.

5. Shoes with an elongated and narrow nose

Shoes or boots with a sharp nose visually stretch the figure and lengthen the legs. This type of shoe will make your image more elegant and unique, however, with a low height, the heel should not be too high.

6. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts lengthen the silhouette, because the material from which they are made perfectly emphasizes the silhouette of your figure. To make your legs look longer, complement the look with high heels.

7. Asymmetry in clothing

The beveled bottom edge of a skirt or dress will make your legs longer and, in addition, will help hide some figure flaws. To achieve this effect, choose models above the knee. As shoes, give preference to shoes with heels.

8. Light top and dark bottom

Choose colors that contrast with each other. A light blouse and a dark skirt or trousers will perfectly complement your image. Regardless of the type of figure and height, you can find clothes that will create a unique and individual image.

What life hacks do you use to achieve this effect? Share your opinion below in the comments!

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