Fashion cardigans of spring TOP 5

Fashion cardigans of spring TOP 5

Fashionable women’s cardigans are an opportunity to create images that are perfect in beauty. Due to its versatility, this item of women’s wardrobe can be used both in winter and in the off-season.

Fashion cardigans of spring TOP 5
Fashion cardigans of spring TOP 5

The bright palette of cardigans echoes with delicate pastel tones, and the fashionable gradient and the color block technique gives the image an indescribable grace and elegance.

Shortened models

Models of cardigans, the length of which reaches the middle of the thigh or to the waistline, perfectly goes with skirts, dresses, trousers and jeans. Especially popular will be models in the bolero style, decorated with large decorative buttons, voluminous textured knitting: braids, eights, cones.

Knitted models

Stylish images of the current spring are inseparably linked with cardigans. Knitted cardigans will become the basis of a fashionable image, whether it is a model of smooth fine knitting or a large textured one with an interesting ornament.

Large-knit cardigans with an understated shoulder line will be especially in demand. They can be worn on the open or effectively emphasize the waist with a beautiful belt.

Elongated cardigan

This category of cardigans can include a cardigan coat, poncho, cape. They will be an excellent alternative to a demi-season coat, raincoat and jacket. Such products are trimmed with fur, leather inserts, decorated with a fashionable print, drapery, large buttons and metallized fasteners.

Sleeveless and openwork cardigan

A cardigan is a thing not only for the cold season. Designers offered women interesting models of weightless openwork cardigans without sleeves. Such products give a feminine image tenderness and romanticism, perfectly combined with dresses, classic suits, skirts and trousers.

Stylish lalo cardigan

Fashionable cardigans of spring lalo, made in the technique of gradient knitting, will become the trend of the season. As a rule, they are knitted from expensive merino or alpaca wool, which gives them additional value. Perfectly combined shades of colors smoothly merge into one another, creating an impeccable palette of beauty. Voluminous bundles tied on rather large spokes are a distinctive feature of the lalo cardigan.

A fashionable cardigan will complement any clothing. With them, you can create original and attractive bows. This wardrobe item easily fits into any style.

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