Fashionable evening dresses for summer

Fashionable evening dresses for summer

In the summer, we want to make up for the opportunities we lost last year. Postponed concerts and performances, postponed weddings and anniversaries-there are many reasons for beautiful and fashionable evening dresses.

Color palette of evening dresses for summer

Long gone are the days when the main color of evening dresses was classic black. Most women now choose other colors to stand out from the crowd and make an unforgettable impression. The choice of color of the dress largely depends on the tone of the skin, eyes and hair, they should be in harmony and help to create a festive mood. In the summer season, pay attention to the following range:

  • purple is a royal color that will suit bold ladies and create an atmosphere of mystery around them;
  • red – a rich, passionate and energetic shade that attracts attention;
  • dark blue-the epitome of elegance;
  • emerald-an association with the generosity of the earth and the care of people.

Greek Style Evening Dresses

Evening dress in the Greek style will hide all the shortcomings of the figure and emphasize the advantages. Silk, muslin, and chiffon will help create a unique image. They fall in soft waves and create a flying silhouette. The traditional cut of the Greek evening dress is as simple as possible – a long hem and a high waist. Fashion trend 2021 – one-shoulder asymmetry.

Charming feathers in an evening dress

Fringe is a current trend this year, and in an evening dress it can be replaced with luxurious feathers. They look beautiful with shiny fabrics, perfectly combined with lace, velvet, chiffon and satin. Appearing in the waist area, the feathers can gradually increase in a cascade until they turn into a lush hemline. The image will be bright and unique.

Lace dresses for evening events

Lace dresses in milk and cream tones look perfect on tanned skin. In a stylish image, you can add an accessory – a satin clutch, a pearl necklace or a bracelet. From lace and guipure, elegant sheath dresses with a silk lining are also successfully obtained. This simple style perfectly demonstrates the complexity and originality of weaving.

Moderate chic and comfortable glamour is the motto of the summer season 2021. Beautiful, elegant, but comfortable evening dresses are exactly what we need at special events.

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