How and with what to wear a women's blue suit

How and with what to wear a women’s blue suit

In the women’s wardrobe, you can find almost all the colors of the rainbow. This allows fashionistas to change their images and look stylish and attractive every time. Very often, many famous personalities in the wardrobe can see a blue suit, which allows you to emphasize many of the advantages of the figure. Suits can be not only strict, but also sports, trousers, with a skirt or shorts. In this article, we will tell you who will suit a blue suit, when it can be used and current styles.

Who is suitable for a blue suit

Both brunettes and blondes can choose a bold blue suit. The only exception will be women with fiery red hair, although you can choose a certain tone of blue shade for this type. The color type of the skin does not play a role at all when choosing a suit of the color of a delicate blue sky.

The blue suit also looks perfect on ladies of different ages. More mature ladies in such a wardrobe item will be able to emphasize their elegant image, and young girls will look gentle and romantic.

Blue color refers to the cold type, which means that clothes in this shade will slim the owner of the suit. Accordingly, even women with voluminous forms can choose a stylish and luxurious blue suit.

Fashionable styles of the blue suit

Depending on the style, the blue suit can be purchased in any season of the year. For summer looks, light fabrics are suitable, in winter you can choose a knitted model, for spring or autumn, choose knitted suits. In addition to the fabric, the blue suit can be divided into a difference in the bottom: with trousers, shorts or skirts.


A suit with trousers in a blue shade is ideal for business style. In this case, fashionistas choose a more classic and straight cut of the suit. For summer, the option of a pantsuit made of light texture and with rolled-up sleeves or trousers is suitable.

For a casual look, you can choose a suit with a cardigan, tunic or other more original top. Depending on the body type, both the width of the trousers and the tightening elements are selected.

A tracksuit in blue looks chic, and at the same time unobtrusive. Among the fashionable models, you can choose a suit with a hoodie with different decorative elements.

A solemn event is not a reason to give up a blue pantsuit. Among the styles, you can find exquisite, monochrome and incredibly spectacular models that create the image of a real princess.

Suit with shorts

In summer, you can choose a stylish version of a blue suit with shorts. The lower part can be very short or with an elongated version. The models also differ in the width of the trousers. The suit is suitable for those women who have slender legs and correct body proportions. A summer suit with shorts and a classic jacket is suitable for studying or walking around the city.

Suit with skirt

For elegant and feminine fashionistas, a blue suit with a skirt is suitable. For a business look, you should choose a classic cut of a jacket or jacket and a pencil skirt. And for a casual urban style, a sun skirt, long skirts or mini options are suitable.

What to combine with a blue suit

In order for your image with a blue suit to be stylish, you need to choose the right shoes and accessories. A win-win option is the total bow in blue. For a monochrome look, you should choose a shirt, T-shirt or blouse with a lighter or darker tone.

White is the most versatile color, so the perfect combination is a blue suit with white sandals and the same snow-white handbag.

For a date or a romantic image, you can combine a blue suit with wardrobe items in a pink shade. Choose a calmer and more delicate color of pink, so that the image does not look too vulgar.

The blue suit suits all women. The most important thing is to determine the style of the thing, as well as to choose the rest accessories and shoes.

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