How to stylishly combine a coat and a hat? (7 Beautiful Ideas)

How to stylishly combine a coat and a hat? (7 Beautiful Ideas)

Many people say that hats don’t suit them. But in combination with a classic coat, this headdress creates such an elegant image that it does not matter at all what facial features and figures are present in the lady. In the article we will talk about this beautiful combination in a little more detail.

How to stylishly combine a coat and a hat? (7 Beautiful Ideas)

Types of hats that match the coat

There are a lot of different models of fashionable hats. Many types are suitable for coats. Especially stand out are Fedora hats, elegant styles with wide brims, and in the casual style – panama. These options will look harmoniously with any coat: shortened, long, in the style of a cocoon or cape. Do not forget to add gloves and stylish handbags to such an elegant image.

Coat + gaucho hat

The hat got its name thanks to the people – the Gaucho cowboys. The peculiarity of the hat is a medium-sized brim and a rigid crown. This model is very often used by fashion couturiers for their spring and autumn collections. The hat fits perfectly with a coat in the style of a greatcoat, straight cut and without buttons. From shoes to such an image, platform shoes and high boots are chosen.

A coat without buttons or a robe + hat model

The coat-robe is distinguished by the complete absence of buttons on outerwear. The harmonious cut allows you to emphasize the waist if you tie a strap or belt on it. The coat model looks very elegant, so it’s best to choose a hat with a medium brim, for example, “fedora”. It is also important that the stylish taste of a fashionista is felt in the set, so you need to choose a headdress and coat in monochrome.

Classic fitted coat + hat

The most popular style of coat is a classic cut. Fitted outerwear fits perfectly on the figure and creates a perfect image of a woman. You can complete a chic set with an elegant hat. Almost all types of women’s hats are appropriate here, including a luxurious hat with a wide brim.

Cocoon coat or oversize model + hat

Cocoon is the most popular model for plump and slender ladies. The fact is that such a cut perfectly hides many flaws, and adds a touch of severity to the image for fragile ladies. The model looks good with graceful hats, it is best to give preference to a fashionable panama hat made of the same texture as outerwear. Instead of a cocoon, you can choose an oversize coat with a fur collar for such a hat.

The combination of a coat and a hat is an exquisite classic that confirms the cyclical nature of fashion. Such an image always looks perfect, emphasizes the figure of a lady and proves her stylish taste.

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