South Asia: Laos tour 2022

South Asia: Laos tour 2022

The South Asian state of Laos has intertwined the exoticism of stunning art, ancient architecture, traditions of the ancient peoples of Asia and extraordinary nature. A colorful piece of the world is buried in the green tropics and a riot of colors of natural wonders. This travel destination is not only budget-friendly, but also one of the most exciting! Therefore, it is necessary to consider this country as travel, without any doubt!

South Asia: Laos tour 2022

Information about Laos:

The country has spread its expanses on the Southeastern continent of Asia. Laos borders Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and the territory of Yunnan Province (China) on each side. The capital of Laos is recognized as one of the largest megacities – Vientiane. The population of Laos is 7,778,342 people. The ethnic composition of the inhabitants is divided into 70 subcategories of folk tribes. Most of the foreign-national group is formed by Chinese and Viet. A smaller proportion of nationalities are Khmer, Burmese, Japanese and Indians.

South Asia: Laos tour 2022

The country is also home to 3% of other nations, including immigrants. Most of the Lao people preach Buddhism in 60% of the inhabitants. The rest of the religions with a small percentage are divided into Christians, Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and Hindus. The official language in the country is Lao. But besides him, the people speak other tribal languages.

Geographical location of the country:

The territory of Laos is located on the island of Indochina and is limited by neighboring borders that do not give access to the sea. Most of the state is built on elevated landscapes of hills and small mountains. The country is covered with densely populated green forests, impenetrable jungles, rocky ridges and river valleys.

South Asia: Laos tour 2022

Mountain plateaus alternate with sandy, land and limestone soils. Some massifs of mountainous territories are very dangerous and practically impassable. The state is rich in its amazing nature and wild animal world. In Laos, there are high mountain gorges, hidden caves, green valleys with plantations, mysterious waterfalls and picturesque rivers. But unique species of animals, rare species of trees and plants in the wild area can strike itself. Special attention of tourists is attracted by ecological reserves and botanical gardens of this country.

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Budget hotels in Laos:

South Asia: Laos tour 2022

In Laos, prices for hotels and budget hotels with the exception of royal privileges! In this state, it is easy to find inexpensive and comfortable accommodation for a holiday. The most popular range of prices are mid-market and economy class accommodation. But elite resort areas and pitchforks are in demand much less! Among the best budget and economy options, travelers should consider these options:

Villa Meuang Lao, Sokdee Residence, Lakhangthong Boutique Hotel, Douangchan Plaza Hotel, Vang Vieng Boutique Hotel, Lan Kham Riverside, Sa Sa Lao Don Som Riverside Guesthouse, Khamphouy Guesthouse Champasak, Phaythavone Hotel, Riverview Bungalows & GH, The Boathouse Don Det, Sayyaphone Guesthouse, View Boutique Hotel Vientiane, Luxury hotel Vientiane, Xuanmai Garden Resort, Cold River Luang Prabang, Khoum Xieng Thong Boutique Villa, Mekong Riverside Vientiane, Vanpila, Hoang Kim Hotel, Arthith Guesthouse Nongkyo,  Vang Vieng Camellia Hotel, SUNRISE APARTMENT Vientiane, Wisdom mystery Hotel, Wopakok Hotel, Vientiane Garden Villa Hotel, avalon residence 2, Sokdee City Hotel, FARAWAY SUITES, Nirvana Archipel Resort, Vangsavath Hotel

And about 1000 more options in different parts of Laos.

Indigenous cuisine:

Lao folk cuisine has its own culinary traditions and differs from neighboring border countries. But, despite this, some dishes have similarities with border states. For the first time, Lao cuisine was born according to Chinese culinary traditions, due to which you can partially see the notes of this cuisine in dishes. The characteristic features of the similarity of cuisines are the ingredients used in the dishes. Laotians widely consume glutinous rice and noodles. Traditionally, it is customary to eat rice with your hands, and noodles with Chinese chopsticks. Also, the abundance of vegetables seasoned with spices in raw or steamed form make another similarity between the cuisines. Local Lao sauces consisting of fish or lemongass have become their own culinary traditions. If we take the traditional products of Laos, these are: rice, vegetables, an abundance of herbs and spices, plant shoots, plant flowers, fish, meat, poultry. In the cuisine of Laos, meat is cultivated by its own labor, but the fish is imported from neighboring countries. In addition, there are also many plantations in the country for the cultivation of cereals, vegetables, herbs and spices.


It is worth noting very exotic dishes that can alert tourists! In Laos, dogs, insects, fried rats and other exotics are freely consumed. Of the standard meat dishes in demand: beef, chicken, duck and pork. In mountainous regions, meat is sold by wild animals: squirrels, lizards, birds and monitor lizards. The Laotians also adopted French culture and massively consume bread. In local bakeries and on the shelves you can see French baguettes and other bread products. For dessert, Laotians usually eat rice desserts in coconut milk, pastries, assorted puddings, croissants and rice biscuits. Colored jelly, local sweets, fruit salads and ice cream are also made in the country. From the drinks bar, Laotians prefer natural juices, smoothies, shakes, drinks made from cane and coconut milk. Also in Laos, it is customary to drink coffee, green tea and occasionally black. Rice vodka, local beer and other folk products with a degree are in demand in the country from alcohol.

Attractions of Laos:

According to legends, the state of Laos was called the “elephant kingdom” because of the dense tropics and the vast animal world. The local wealth of the country is considered to be the local culture and ancient values with a whole history. In addition, the residents themselves idolize their country for its unique nature and fertile land. Most of the country’s attractions are very colorful, bright and exotic. Travelers should see the best sights of Laos are:

Wat Phu Ruin Temple, Pha Thatluang Buddhist Monument, Boloven River Plateau, Mount Phousi Hill, Ho Pha Keo Buddhist Temple, Sculpture Park “Buddha Park”, Respectful temple “Wat Sisaket”, Royal Palace “Royal Palace, Luang Prabang”, River temple “Wat Xieng Thong”, Memorial “Patuxai arch”, River archipelago “Si Phan Don”, Museum “Luang Namtha Museum”, Museum Of Laos, Vientiane, Old Cathedral “Co-Cathedral of St. Therese”, Lookout “Nam Xay Viewpoint”, “Golden Buddha” in Pakse, Temple “Vat tham Khao” Vientiane, Ranch “Laos Buffalo Dairy” in Luang Prabang, Cave Temple “Pak Ou Caves, Valley of Jugs in Fonsavan, Donation ceremony in Luang Prabang, Lookout “Phou Khoun Observation Site”, A monument to the king “Setthathirath”, Temple “Wat Ong Teu”, Monastery “Phat Tich Temple”, Live street “The Walking Street”, Lookout “Muang Ngoi Neua Viewpoint”, Farm “Lee 7 Farm”, Golden stupa “That Chomsi Stupa”, Elephant farm “Nam Ou Elephant Farm”, Picturesque farm “NamKhan Project”, Waterfall “Kuang Si Falls”, Waterfall “Tad Yuang Waterfalls”, Waterfalls “Tad Sae Waterfall”, The bed falls “Tad Somphamit Waterfalls”, River waterfall “Khone Phapheng Falls”, Waterfall “Tad Champee”, The waterfall “Sae Pong Lai Waterfall”

And many other places, temples, protected areas and vibrant markets are worth seeing in this amazing country!

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All about the national currency:

The national currency of Laos is – “Lao kip” “LAK”. The local currency is subject to conversion and exchange exclusively on the territory of the country! Tourists traveling to this state should take note that not all foreign currencies can be exchanged in Laos! The most popular currencies to be exchanged are: Thai baht and dollars. The most convenient option is to take dollars into the country and exchange them in small quantities upon arrival. The entire amount for a holiday in Laos should not be exchanged, because the exchange rate when converting currencies at local exchange offices always varies! Payment in dollars can be made at the hotel, tourist outlets and restaurants. Otherwise, all local markets, grocery stores and other establishments are paid exclusively in national currency! It is also worth noting plastic cards, which are also accepted, as well as dollars in designated establishments!

Security in the country:

The state of Laos is considered the quietest and most peaceful place among the South Asian continent. The criminal level in the country does not even reach 5% on a hundred-point scale. But simple rules and useful tips are still worth taking into service:

1) Do not walk around a foreign country at night!

2) Do not consume a huge amount of local strong alcohol!

3) It is also not recommended to be rude, rude and show provocative actions to the residents of Laos! Otherwise, the police will not be on the side of a tourist who speaks an incomprehensible language!

4) Beware of local insects and snakes!

5) There may be scams, fraud and overpricing in the country at the sight of tourists!

6) On vacation in Laos, it is worth using hygiene products and mosquito repellents!

7) You need to use only purchased water!

8) When visiting local sacred temples, you need to dress discreetly, cover your body and behave culturally! Otherwise, local ministers can easily throw tourists out of the sacred place!


The unique country of Laos crosses all facets of the amazing world. In this place, every traveler will be charged with spiritual harmony, a charge of energy and bright moments!

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