The 12 Best Examples of Knitted Swimsuits are a fashionable find for the beach

The 12 Best Examples of Knitted Swimsuits are a fashionable find for the beach

A knitted swimsuit looks unconventional, but at the same time feminine and elegant on a female figure. Knitted swimsuits have conquered many women because of their uniqueness and exclusivity of models. Most often, a knitted swimsuit is handmade, but it can also be purchased in a regular mass market.

The 12 Best Examples of Knitted Swimsuits are a fashionable find for the beach

Today, a knitted swimsuit is a trend of beach fashion. It may seem that a swimsuit with an openwork texture is inconvenient, but on the contrary, such swimsuits are practical and the material is pleasant to the body. Many girls are afraid that it will be hot in a knitted swimsuit. But the material is chosen specifically such that it allows air to pass through, so a knitted swimsuit is no different from the usual fabric one.

Let’s see the 14 best examples of which models are relevant this season


This familiar model is suitable for those who want to emphasize all the advantages of the figure and hide its shortcomings. Openwork embroidery and patterns emphasize the bust and balance the waist. The color scheme is presented in various shades, from colorful bright to pastel.


The peculiarity of this model is the connection of the upper and lower parts. It’s almost like a one-piece swimsuit. This style of swimsuit is suitable for ladies with a less pronounced waist. The special cut of the swimsuit visually creates an hourglass shape and corrects the lower abdomen. The transition from the top to the bottom is created in the form of various openwork patterns or mesh. This model looks great, both in bright and pastel shades. Sea shades are especially relevant at sea.


This is a separate swimsuit familiar to us, the bottom and top of which are created in various geometric and openwork textures. This is the most feminine and attractive model. In addition, a bikini allows you to get an even tan to the fullest.


This model is distinguished by a top, which is presented in the form of a top, and not a regular bodice. The bottom of the swimsuit with an inflated waist. Tankini suits any type of figure. And the top can be used not only as a bathing suit, but also worn separately with shorts or a skirt.

The right choice

  • When choosing a swimsuit, each woman chooses her own color depending on her preferences and the type of figure
  • An absolute classic that will suit all girls is a knitted swimsuit in white, black or beige.
  • Delicate colors of the swimsuit such as pink, light blue or mint make the image romantic and feminine. Especially this color scheme is suitable for blonde girls.
  • Women with the “pear” figure type should take a closer look at models with an overstated waist, if there is a desire to visually hide curvy hips.
  • The owners of the “apple” and “rectangle” figures will fit the monokini model. This model visually reduces the waist area, which will help balance the figure.

And how do you feel about knitted swimsuits?

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