Using the TEST, we determine the meaning of dreams

Using the TEST, we determine the meaning of dreams

Analyze your dreams and think about which category most of them belong to.

1. Nightmares (illness, death, persecution, attacks, disasters)

2. Daily life (work, business, conversations, current problems, love relationships)

3. Magical or fantastic (myths, fairy tales, unreal stories, unknown creatures)

4. I don’t remember dreams, I don’t dream anything, I don’t sleep well.

Using the TEST, we determine the meaning of dreams
Using the TEST, we determine the meaning of dreams


1. Dreams speak of anxiety and internal tension, untreated trauma. They provide an opportunity to show aggression that is suppressed in reality. The images that arise are parts of your personality. Negative feelings manifest themselves in tragic situations caused by the fear of loss, breakup of relationships, illness, loneliness. Nightmares are caused by unresolved issues.

Working with sleep: write down the plot (with details, details, emotions), try to relate it to the events of your life; relationships, emotions. Who is the source or object of negative emotions? Imagine that he is sitting opposite you, tell him everything you think. Analyze: what you can change in these relationships, what to do to correct them, what to put up with. If you can’t specify your fears, write down everything that worries you, starting with the words “I’m afraid that…”, “I’m terrified of…”.

2. Dreams indicate a desire to control everything and find ways to maintain stability. This is a manifestation of a defensive reaction associated with the unprocessed experience of some chaotic and traumatic relationships. Dreams indicate the presence of unresolved problems, unmet needs that require action.

Work with sleep: write down the dream, highlight the main thing (words, actions, situation), try to connect it with real life. Does the dream describe reality or transform it? Can you do it in reality? What do you like about this dream? What (or who) is associated with? Write down the associations and try to relate them to real people or events.

3. Dreams indicate a creative and spiritual component. Fantastic and fabulous dreams speak of a developed imagination and creative abilities, a desire to expand horizons and find new sources of emotions and inspiration. Mystical and religious images speak of spiritual search. Perhaps the hidden (or undisclosed) sides of your personality want to come to light.

Working with sleep: write down the plot, highlight the brightest and most interesting character, introduce him and talk to him. Why did he come to you? What does he want to say? How will his messages help you in reality? Write down the answers and then analyze them. Think about it: do you have enough spiritual fulfillment, creative realization, novelty and creativity in your life? Maybe you are tired of routine, but you are afraid to take a chance and get out of your comfort zone? Remember what you dreamed about in childhood and youth.

4. This category of dreams indicates a desire to “forget something” (usually something that happened in the past and caused feelings of guilt or shame). The second reason: You are too active, striving forward, not having time to realize reality. Fragments of sleep may occur in memory during the day, analyze them. If you don’t sleep well at all, then problems need to be solved with a specialist.

Working with sleep: after waking up, do not jump up immediately, let your brain wake up, feel your condition and your emotions. Pay attention to the sensations in the body. You can draw an image of your condition. Think about it: why is he like this? How is it connected with reality? What is he talking about? If the drawing causes discomfort, supplement it with any pleasant images or throw it away.

Can’t understand your dreams? Contact a psychologist. Good quality sleep and pleasant dreams allow us to successfully cope with the problems of real life.

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