What fashion prints will be relevant for spring-summer 2021

What fashion prints will be relevant for spring-summer 2021

The topic of today’s article is what fashion prints will be relevant for the spring-summer season of 2021. We will conduct research on this topic based on the latest design collections and find out what prints can decorate your spring or summer bow.

What fashion prints will be relevant for spring-summer 2021

Floral patterns

Fashionable prints on a floral theme impress with their variety: in the new season, these patterns can decorate almost any wardrobe item, accessory or even shoes. Floral prints can be implemented in the following ways::

  • delicate pattern of small flowers;
  • large floral prints;
  • images of exotic and tropical plants, and other options.

This trend is especially relevant for the warm season — with the onset of spring, girls want to transform and stylish metamorphoses. Even an office or business image can be “diluted” with delicate and romantic prints on a floral theme.

Geometric patterns

Classic ornaments that remain always in demand and popular are polka dots, stripes, check, ribbing and other geometric patterns. Stripes look great in a business and office wardrobe, peas – in feminine and evening dresses, and a cage-as part of a casual or basic image for a city walk.

Striped prints (especially vertical stripes) have the advantage — they visually slim the figure, stretch the silhouette and look great even if you have extra pounds.

Checkerboard, square print and other variations on the theme of the cage look spectacular on pantsuits, jackets and jackets. With these prints, you can easily create a stylish bow within the office dress code.

Peas can be seen on popular models of dresses and stylish accessories. This print looks very extravagant and luxurious.


Original and creative patterns in the tradition of abstract art — the choice of bright, direct and creative girls. They will perfectly complement any fashionable spring or summer look. Do not limit yourself and do not be afraid to choose rich, bright colors — for example, acid or neon shades.

If you decide to experiment with spring and summer looks, we suggest you to get acquainted with our photo collection with the most relevant and fashionable prints of 2021.

How do you feel about printed clothing? Tell us in the comments what pattern you think is the most popular this year.

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